Safety Questions

Q: What CPR or safety training is required of the instructors at Impact Martial Arts?
A: Impact Martial Arts has at least one CPR certified instructor on duty at all times.  Our instructors are also EpiPen certified in the event any of our students have a sever allergic reaction.

Q: Is your equipment up-to-date and in good working order? 
A: We pride ourselves on safety.  All of our equipment is inspected weekly and is replaced as needed to ensure that injuries do not take place due to faulty equipment.

Q: How does Impact Martial Arts address self-control, conflict resolution and issues of respect with children?
A: Here at Impact Martial Arts we work with the parents and your child's school to make sure that all our students show self-control at all times. Our students learn how to handle typical situations such as pushing and grabbing. As they progress our students, learn to walk with confidence and resolve conflict without physical violence.

Q: How often is the work out floor cleaned?
A: Cleanliness is very important to us.  We thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire school daily.


General Questions

Q. What is the instructor to student ratio?
A: We do our best to maintain a 5 to 1 ratio in class by breaking into smaller groups for more individual attention.  We also offer one-on-one time with our instructors either before or after class to give all of our students the attention they need to succeed.

Q: Are Impact Martial Arts' instructors certified?
A: Yes!  All of our instructors go through a minimum of 2 years training before they are allowed to be an Assistant Instructor (or Blue Collar).  Our head instructors (or Red/Black Collars) who run class have been training for more than 10 years, of which a minimum of 5 years includes teaching.

Q: Is class taught by certified instructors or junior instructors?
A: Class is taught by a certified instructor with the help of some junior instructors who are enrolled in our Leadership course.

Q: How long have the head instructors been training? How long have the head instructors been teaching?
A:  Our head instructors have been training for over 20 years in Taekwondo as well as in a variety of other martial arts.  They have been teaching for over 15 years and continually find ways to improve as a martial artist and an instructor.

Q: How are junior instructors and assistant instructors used?
A: We use junior Instructors to demonstrate all of the warm ups and stretches for each class. Our assistant instructors are capable of conducting warm ups, stretches, and specific drills in small groups.

Q: What styles of martial arts are taught at Impact?
A: Impact Martial Arts teaches a variety of martial arts, with Taekwondo being our most popular class.  We also offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Haidong Gumdo, and Kickboxing.

Q: Does Impact Martial Arts have an established curriculum for each class?
A: Yes!  Our curriculum is planned for each testing cycle to ensure that all or students are ready for their next rank.

Q: Is Impact Martial Arts accredited or affiliated with a larger organization?
A: Impact Martial Arts is proud to be affiliated with the NJMAA. The NJMAA was formed to unite the independent schools in NJ and from around the country to enable the instructors to enhance their programs by networking with fellow school owners. The NJMAA continues to grow larger every year.

Q: Do you offer a trial period for new students?  What's included with the trial period?
A: We offer a trial special which includes 1 private lesson, 1 regular class and a uniform for $30.

Q: Do adults and kids train together?
A: The classes are broken up by age groups;  4-5 year olds are in the Pee Wee Class, 5-12 year olds are in the Junior Class, and the 12 year olds and older are in the Adult Class. 

Q: How long does it take the average student to become a black belt?
A: Our average student takes 4 and a half years to become a black belt.

Q: How often can I train each week?
A: Our memberships are all inclusive with unlimited classes and no testing fees!

Q: Do you have a waiting area where I can watch my child during class?
A: Yes!  Both schools have a waiting area that looks into the class.  We also offer free Wi-Fi!

Q: Does Impact Martial Arts offer weapons training?
A: During the testing cycle we offer weapons clinics that all students can attend. At the Black Belt level, weapons are part of the curriculum.

Q: I'm looking for more of a fitness class to lose weight.  Does Impact Martial Arts offer this?
A: Impact Martial Arts has a goal of not only teaching martial arts but to improve our students and their family’s fitness.  All of our programs are designed to improve physical fitness, strengthen core, balance, and coordination while losing weight!  We also offer Impact Fit, which is more of a fitness program forged around the benefits of martial arts. 

Q: Does Impact Martial Arts participate in tournaments?  Am I required to participate in tournaments?
A: Our school competes in a variety of tournaments both locally and nationally. All of our students have the opportunity to compete in our Invitational Tournament as well as smaller tournaments for either forms or sparring. We also have a traveling tournament team which competes at a more regional, national and international level and have had the privilege of competing in elite tournaments such as the ISKA U.S Open and WAKO  World Championship.

Q: What resources are available outside of class?
A: Impact Martial Arts offers resources to our students through the Student Corner page of our website.  It includes information on our curriculum, forms and belt testing.  Once you become a member of Impact, you will receive a password to our Student Corner page.

Q: Are private classes available?
A:  Yes!  Impact offers 30 minute one-on-one private classes with a certified instructor.  We'd be happy to set up a time that is convenient for you.   

Q: Does Impact Martial Arts offer Taekwondo birthday packages?
A: Yes!  Visit our Birthday Party page for more information and our different packages.

Q: Language is not my first language.  Are any of your instructors bilingual?
A: Yes!  Our chief instructor at the Warren school, Leo Sanchez, is fluent in Spanish.


Billing Questions

Q: What is included in the tuition price? Do you charge belt fees?
A: Our memberships are all inclusive, which includes unlimited classes and no testing fees.

Q: What is the minimum contract term available? 
A: We offer a variety of different options for memberships. Our minimum contract term is for 6 months.  It takes about 4 and half years to reach the level of black belt.

Q: Under what circumstances can I pause my training and billing?
A: We are very flexible with any time missed. All situations vary but we are willing to work with each person's unique situation.

Q: What other fees can I expect to incur?
A:  All of our memberships are all inclusive and include belt testing and uniform.  At the green belt level, students may begin to spar and additional safety equipment will need to be purchased.

Q: How do I register?
A:  You can register in person by speaking with our chief instructor or you can fill our our online form and one of our chief instructors will be in touch with you shortly!

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