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Cristina Jaworski our Fitness Director and Coach has a high passion and experience in Fitness, Martial Arts, and Well Being.  She has a unique blend of extensive Martial Arts Training and Instructional experience for the past 20 years along with a Fitness background teaching both Group and Private Sessions for the past 6 years. She has been actively teaching high intensity classes at CKO Kickboxing for the past couple years and is looking forward to expand her career and grow our IMPACT FIT Program to get your heart pumping! She is NESTA Sports Nutrition Certified and has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Cristina is looking forward to motivate, train, and help you all reach your fitness goals!


Skill Building & Safety Class      

No experience or just starting out your fitness journey? No problem! Every week we offer a Skill Building Class that is slow and controlled environment to learn the basic kicks and punches from actual Martial Arts professionals that do this every single day. Our focus during this class is safety, technique, and proper form of all the movements. We highly recommend attending this class on a daily basis for injury prevention, increase confidence with your kicks and punches, and maximize your results!

Our Program

It’s time to ditch the boring workout and get in shape with our Adult Fitness Program Impact Fit! All our classes are geared towards every fitness level and no experience is necessary. We have an awesome variety of High Impact and Low Impact classes ranging from Fitness Boxing, Kickboxing, H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), and Upper and Lower Body Tone Classes.  Our mission is to help you progress towards all your fitness and health goals no matter what they may be!

About our Classes

Boxing & Kickboxing Fitness Classes      

If you want a workout that is aggressive, gritty, and exciting with max calorie burn? Check out our Boxing and Kickboxing classes! Experience workouts that actual Boxers and Kickboxers do to train for a fight but without physically getting hit. Your workout will be a mixture of bag work, hitting focus mitts, footwork drills, agility movement, speed drills, core exercises, and functional strength training.  You will build up excellent cardio, endurance, and stamina while getting strong at the same time. Gloves are required for both the Boxing and Kickboxing classes, so we  them for sale on site. Your also more than welcome to bring your own gloves if you’d like.

H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training  

Don’t have a lot of time to exercise and you want something quick, intense, and high calorie burn? Take H.I.I.T.! This is straight up cardio interval training. You will be given a set time to work and a set period of time to rest.  This class is a mix of plyometrics, calisthenics, speed and agility workouts that are guaranteed to make you drip in sweat!

Upper & Lower Body Toning Classes            

Need a lower impact class that will create a long, lean physique without all the extra bulk? Go for Upper and Lower Body Tone Classes! Upper Body Tone focuses on toning shoulders, biceps, chest, upper back, and triceps.  Lower Body Tone focuses on legs, glutes, butt, calves, lower back, and abs. The muscles are trained through body weight training, dynamic movement, dumb bells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.  Classes are ended with a nice calm relaxing stretch to reward you for all your hard work.

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Location: Warren School

Adult Program:
Adults: Ages 13+

No experience necessary


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